Why Comedy Movies Are Good

Why Comedy Movies Are Good

Writing comedy movies is a tough job, because you’re taking on the task of writing down what people say and how they feel. Comedy is based on making fun of people, so it’s an extremely personal act that involved an onlooker. However, there are several benefits to watching comedy movies over other types of movies.

Here are six reasons why you should check them out:

1. Humor comes from unexpected places:

A lot of the time when people think about what makes comedies hilarious, it’s coming from the most surprising interactions between characters and events.

2. Comedy is a way of life:

As silly as it sounds, a lot of the time comedy can be translated into the day to day routine and social interactions that we have with other people.

3. Comedy can be cathartic:

Comedies are often great at providing an outlet for people who are feeling frustrated or angry. This is especially true when it makes fun of things that frustrate you in your daily life.

4. Comedies often get dark subjects out there in an entertaining way:

After all, laughter is the best medicine. But sometimes, there are some things that we need to get off our chest, but don’t necessarily want to go into detail about it. Comedies can provide this outlet.

5. Comedies are largely unpredictable:

This isn’t something that every film genre has, but comedy films really do provide a lot of unpredictability. They sometimes defy all of our expectations, which is why they’re so much fun to watch.

6. Comedies are often hilarious in a completely unexpected way:

Comedies have very few rules, and those that do exist can often be easily turned on their head.


Comedies are usually quite underrated, and often dismissed as not being as good as a drama. But the truth is, they can be one of the most entertaining film genres to watch. And they’re not just entertaining, but they can also help us deal with things in our day to day lives and provide laughs when we need it most.

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