Facts About Haute Couture Fashion Week

Facts About Haute Couture Fashion Week

Facts About Haute Couture Fashion Week

To be considered Haute Couture, a fashion house must use at least two of the following: expensive, luxurious fabrics; €5000 or more per garment; complicated and time-consuming tailoring with the fit for the individual wearer. The clothes produced by a couturier (designer) must also be made entirely in their atelier.

Haute Couture Fashion Week is a weeklong event that draws people from all over the world. This year’s event had 190 designers showing off their latest creations in Paris. Over 150 journalists attended to cover the event and photograph models in each designer’s showroom afterward.

One of the most notable designers to show was Karl Lagerfeld. This year’s collection included pieces from his Pre-Fall 2011 collection and several new concepts for Pre-Spring 2012. The final thought about this designer’s latest collection was that it was “…delightfully loud and vulgar, as it usually is with him.”

The next designer to appear was Christian Lacroix, who brought out his Spring/Summer collection a few days after Lagerfeld. This collection included bright colors such as lime green, yellow and red. Also showcased were geometrically-patterned dresses and men’s suits in a variety of colors.

As if the collection hasn’t captivated enough attention, the show started with a model wearing a dress made entirely of silk pyjamas. Christian Lacroix soon followed with a small parade of colorfully dressed models wearing brightly colored dresses and jackets.

The third designer to display his Haute Couture Fashion Week collection was Jean Paul Gaultier, who showed his Fall/Winter 2011 – 2012 collection in Paris. The focus of this collection was on the street style that is popular in Paris today. This was reflected in items such as loose-fitting tops and dresses made out of denim fabric.

In conclusion, Haute Couture Fashion Week is a one-of-a-kind experience, and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. These three designers are just the beginning and will soon be followed by many more.

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