Benefits Of Wild University Tour

Benefits Of Wild University Tour

Wild University tour is the world’s first international study tour focused exclusively on the wildlife of South America. It takes participants to some of the most astonishing and unique nature destinations around the continent, to explore Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina.

The tour is led by experts from across these countries in conjunction with a mixed group of 50-100 eager travelers from all over the world. When you join Wild University you’ll learn about exciting routes that lead to unknown wildlife destinations; spend weeks immersing yourself in the natural wonderment; and enjoy customized itineraries based on your interests.

Benefits of Wild University Tour

1. Delve into the World’s Wildlife

A tour of South America wouldn’t be complete without visiting the continent’s most iconic wildlife destinations. With Wild University Tour you can explore Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil to see some of the world’s richest biodiversities. From hummingbirds to alligators, armadillos to electric eels, this tour will give a glimpse into some of South America’s newest discoveries in wildlife.

2. Learn from Experts & Travel with a Mixed Group

Traveling with Wild University Tour includes learning from experts and other like minded travelers from all over the world! A group of enthusiastic travelers come together on one trip for an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect way to meet new people and learn from the experts while also getting to know your fellow travelers.

3. Formally Educated Tours with Experienced Leaders

Wild University Tour is run by expert ecotourism experts passionate about their passion: nature. Each tour has two full-time guides that have been professionally trained in ecotourism and have worked at leading wildlife field schools for a minimum of 5 years each. Wild University Tour is guided by professionals that take pride in their work and are happy to share their knowledge with you on this tour!

4. Customized Tours with Special Requirements

Wild University Tour has the flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements. There are standard options to choose from, or you can create a customized trip by choosing the specific destinations you would like to visit and fill out a brief questionnaire about your preferences for what you would like to see during your tour.

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